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Reverse Pyramid

Reverse Pyramid…it’s kinda like the downward dog of yoga but for weightlifting. I was stuck in a rut, it seemed nomatter what I did or what supplements I used I was not moving upward on the dumbell rack. One day I was playing around on the treadmill doing a nice little cool down when I … Continue reading

Mind over Matter: Get the Gears Workin!

After “Why do you want to compete?” the second most common question when prepping for a show is “Are You Ready?” I remember the first time I was asked this question, with the image of my suit sparkling under the stage lights, the dream of this just plain Kick Ass body I was going to … Continue reading

The beginning of the end…

The seed was planted when I was 14 years old. Who would have ever thought that the routine weekend shopping trips, that bookstore and boredom would have lead me to the present. It all goes to show that the power of an idea and a young girls ability to dream, can if pursued, lead to … Continue reading

Fantasy Physique

The gym, cold metal weights, sweat dripping down your face after and heart throbbing intensity workout, the perfectly chiseled physiques plastered across the fitness magazines…my heart had found it’s home. It’s that uncharted territory that often remains a fantasy, the idea of this person, this body, this being that seems a million light years away … Continue reading